WW1 Trenches and Beyond

This unique labyrinth allows you to experience the very nature of trench warfare through the decades, starting from World War One through to the modern day. Immerse yourselves in the conditions that the soldiers would have lived, and fought in as you explore the different trenches.

Trenches Through the Ages

Explore the Construction Of World War One dugouts, journey forward to the tin lined World War Two trenches and discover the ‘above ground’ trenches such as those used in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Building the Trenches

This representative set of trenches was built in an attempt to recreate the very nature of trench warfare through the ages.

School Visits

Visit the Trenches on a school trip and you will be given a guided tour of the huge network of trenches, visiting each section and the hidden ‘HQ’ within the labyrinth of tunnels.

You can combine this visit with a visit to the World War One Exhibit, the Welsh Guards or the farm activities to make a fascinating and informative day out for your class.

School and group bookings available with pre-booking from February Half Term to November.


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