Animals at Park Hall

Meet your favourite farm animals

It wouldn’t be a farm without our collection of amazing animals! We are lucky enough to have some great characters here at Park Hall, whom our loyal visitors love to visit again and again.

In the heart of the Shropshire countryside, you’ll find all the farm favourites. We have goats, sheep, pigs, ponies, alpacas, Silkie chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, two tortoises and a cow. You don’t just see the animals from afar, you can get up close and curious, seeing them having fun racing, hopping, munching and playing all around the farm.

Animal lovers, budding farmers, and cuteness appreciators – you are going to love meeting our furry friends!

Goat Towers

Our gorgeous goats take residence on one of the most impressive playgrounds at Park Hall! They have everything a goat could desire – ramps to climb, bridges to cross, and brushes for that hard-to-reach itch. There are shelters to hide in and even a trampoline to bounce on!

A happy goat playing on its tower


Burrowland is a warren of adventure for our rabbits. Kids can get completely immersed in rabbit life by crawling through a tunnel into the heart of the burrow. The more exploring you do, the more interesting facts you’ll discover about woodland animals. Watch our rabbits hopping about and having lots of fun.

Sheep & Alpacas

Baby alpaca eating grass 

Take a short walk from the Iron Age Roundhouse to meet our alpacas and commercial sheep. Our cheeky alpacas, Wesley, Ollie and Toby, are very inquisitive! Amongst our sheep, you will spot some lovely rare breeds too.

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

A happy rabbit chilling 

Our interactive sessions give you the chance to meet and stroke our rabbits and guinea pigs, under the supervision of our brilliant farm team. These fluffy furballs will melt your heart! And our team are on hand to tell you all about them and answer your questions.

Plan your day with our animal activity schedule displayed at the farm!

Pig Racing

Don’t miss the daily pig races at 12:30pm and 2:30pm! Our perfect pigs compete to be crowned the fastest pig on the farm. Our Kunekune pigs are friendly, rotund, and quite hairy! They will take a lap around the outdoor play area, whilst being cheered on by their adoring fans. But who do you think will win – Pinky, Porky, Peppa or Susie?