Welsh Guards Museum

Park Hall is home to the Official Welsh Guards Collection.

It is a fascinating exhibition of uniforms, artefacts and memorabilia, depicting life in the Welsh Guards since its formation in 1915

Experience what it’s like to be a Welsh Guardsman - dress up in the authentic Buckingham Palace uniform, stand in the sentry box, be thrown in a cell, and you can even try a machine gun for size!

The official collection of the Welsh Guards Regimental Association was started by curator Stan Evans in 1995.

Welsh Guard museum displays

Welsh guard uniform

With a complete Barrack Room from the 50s and 60s, an actual Sentry Box from Buckingham Palace, and a rebuilt cell from the Guards Depot at Caterham dating back to 1877, visitors are encouraged to wear authentic public duties home service clothing (Bearskin and Tunic) and visit exhibitions from the great wars.

Every one of the 2000+ artefacts is authentic and comes with individual stories imparted personally by a dedicated team of volunteers

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