Easter Eggstravaganza

4th April – 19th April 2020

The Easter Bunny comes to the farm bringing lots of eggs for you to hunt

With lots to do and see, it will be an Easter to remember here at Park Hall. Join us for some eggstrodinary fun and games!



The Great Egg Hunt

The Great Egg Hunt is back this Easter. a small extra cost for this one  but your reward is a yummy creme egg, It’s no wonder it’s such a hit. Come and join the Great Egg Hunt hunt!


Become a Dinosaur Trainer

There’s an exciting new dinosaur egg hunt on the way for Easter

Come on a prehistoric adventure that is more than just an egg hunt 

Kids can come on a journey to become a dinosaur trainer. Their mission will be to complete a number of tasks around the farm whilst finding all of the hidden dinosaur eggs. But beware – there’s a raptor on the loose!

Complete these dino-mite activities to become a Park Hall Dinosaur Trainer… 

Learn to feed a dinosaur without becoming a dino snack by throwing food into the enormous T-Rex mouth!

Find out how a dinosaur fits together by completing the dino jigsaw.

Every trainer should know how to track a dinosaur with their footprints. Do a rubbing of a dino footprint to arm yourself with the right knowledge.

Learn to fly through the sky like a Pterodactyl with our awesome zipline!

If you want to go on dinosaur adventures, you need great balance. Take a walk along our balance beam and imagine it’s a Diplodocus’ tail!

When a T-Rex is coming all the animals run! Watch the pigs racing and guess which piggies can outrun a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Every dinosaur trainer needs a brave heart to face up to the biggest, scariest dinosaurs. Show us you have what it takes by climbing to the top of the big spider climbing frame!

Become a dinosaur trainer and egg hunter at Park Hall Farm this Easter!

Bottle Feeding Lambs

One fantastic experience that goes the extra mile. You can get hands on at the farm this Easter and bottle feed one of the older lambs.   For more animal activities, click here.



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