The Victorian School & Museum

Victorian School Welcome to the Victorian School & Museum

The Victorian School at Park Hall aims to offer a unique insight into the school life of the child born in the Victorian era.

When the reign of Victoria began in 1837 many children did not attend school at all. For the rich and middle classes there were private schools and tuition, but, for the poor children there were few schools in existence. Many Victorians believed that to educate poor children might lead them to disagree with their ‘elders and betters’.

However, by the 1860’s education was becoming to be regarded as a right and not a privilege and by 1880 it was compulsory for all children between five and ten to attend school.

Our Victorian School reflects the school of the 1880’s and 1890’s. We aim to show you what it was like for a child to attend school in these times; it was rarely an enjoyable experience but was disciplined and regimented, sometimes even brutal, the use of the cane was commonplace.


Victorian School LessonStep back in time and join us in a truly Victorian experience.

For an hour, you will endure a lesson in discipline administered by the school headmaster or mistress.

Dressed in authentic Victorian costume, you will sit at original desks using writing implements and slates appropriate to those times. The teacher will rigidly enforce discipline to demonstrate what a Victorian child might have experienced during a normal school day.

School was very different in Victorian times so you may find the teaching methods something of a shock. We promise you a lesson you will never forget, punctuality, of course, is essential


To take part in the Victorian schoolroom lesson it will be essential to pre-book your visit. Please contact Park Hall for details.



Our museum reproduces the essence of the Victorian home and farmhouse with rooms depicting the everyday lives of Victorian families. Living rooms, a dairy and a laundry capture the atmosphere of the times with authentic furniture and artefacts in each room.

The museum also has a fine collection of Victorian toys and games, and an extensive display of writing materials and books relevant to Victorian school times.

A fascinating display of clothes, boots and shoes of the period complement the other exhibits to form a wide-ranging representation of Victorian life.