Safety Guidelines

So that you can enjoy your day, here are a few simple guidelines to follow

Safety first- Some animals can carry diseases harmful to humans:

1.Please obey all safety notices around the farm and the advice of our staff at all times

2.Wash your own hands thoroughly, before supervising the washing of children’s hands, using the soap, water and paper towels provided at the hand washing stations following contact with animals, after playing on the play equipment and before eating or drinking

3.Do not use gels or wipes instead of washing and drying using the soap, water and paper towels available at the hand washing stations around the farm

4.Supervise children at all times when on play equipment and when with animals – animals may bite

5.Height restrictions apply on various activities around the farm

6.Arms and legs must be covered and socks worn on the Drop Slide

7.Wash your hands thoroughly at home after removing dirty clothes, shoes or boots that have been worn at the farm. Any soiled clothes should be washed immediately on your return home

8.As a countryside location the ground throughout the site can be uneven, so please take care at all times

9.If you are pregnant or think you may be, avoid contact with sheep, lambs, goats or kids