Daily Activities

  Activity Schedule

Tractor rides subject to variation

horse 2                                                    Rabbit petting
10.45am Meet the Small Animals
11.00am Pony Grooming
11.15am Tractor Ride
11.15am Meet the horses
11.30am Tractor Ride

Milking 650 pix
12.00pm Meet the small animals
12.30pm  Pig Racing
1.00pm Bottle Feed the Lambs
1.30pm Small Animals (Rabbits)
1.30pm TractorRide
1.45pm Tractor Ride

Pony 650pig racing 940 pix
2.00pm Pony Grooming
2.00pm Tractor Ride
2.15pm Tractor Ride
2.30 pm  Pig Racing
2.45pm Meet the Horses

tractor 650lambs 2
3.00pm Tractor ride
3.15pm Tractor ride
3.15pm Meet the small animals
3.45pm Parlour Milking
4.15pm Bottle feeding the lambs



Driving Activities

landrover 65011.00am-1.00pm
2.00pm – 4.45pm

Children’s Driving School

Driving school 1jpeg

 Barrel Train
12.45pm-1.15 pm
2.45pm-3.15 pm
barrel train 650