Pig Racing 1.00pm and 2.30pm


pig racing 940 pix

Pig Racing is an absolute must on your day out to Park Hall. We can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face….it’s a hoot!!!!!

Every spectator gets a badge to support their chosen pig and here are the racing colours:

In blue is Porky
In purple is Peppa
In red is Pinky
In orange is Greedy
In yellow is Salt

Stand on the sidelines and shout as loud as you can to cheer on your Pig, they love it!

For the pigs…. there are some very tasty pig nuts at the finishing line so every one is a winner!

The racing pigs are Kune Kune pigs, you’ll find them by the Iron Age Roundhouse, but we also have lots of other Kune Kune pigs on the farm and some adult  Micro pigs too.


pigs relaxingThere’s always time to relax!