Horses & Ponies

home-button-animalsPony Grooming
Daily 11.00am, 3.00pm, 

Brush the miniature shetland ponies as part of our routine activities

Come and meet Spice and Honey  our miniature Shetland ponies. These tiny Shetland ponies form part of the pony grooming team.

Each day you have several opportunities to brush the ponies, and because they are so small even the youngest toddler can have a go.

Heavy Horses
Daily 11.15am & 3.30pm

Meet Rio and Pluto and lead them across the stableyard, they have a gentle grace that charms our visitors.Amy and Charm

Rio can be found in the Victorian stables

These gentle giants will enchant and surprise the whole family.


HorseMeet  Pluto on the stableyard too. Pluto is pictured here in the summertime but can be found near Rio at the stables in winter