Cows & Milking

Hand milking

Hand MilkingHave a go at hand milking a cow!  You can try hand milking a Friesian or Jersey cow. Our experienced staff will show you what to do, and if you shy away from milking the cow you can stroke her instead.

A great opportunity to get close to these wonderful animals. Adults are very welcome to try it too – it’s often one of those ‘things to do’ on an adult’s bucket list!

Parlour Milking

Cow in fieldYou can then join us in our milking parlour to see where milk comes from before it gets to the supermarket shelf.

The Victorian farm provides a contrast to show how milking used to be done! You can see the restored victorian cow stalls in the main building . Our site was a model Victorian farm, in 1900 there were 100 cows being milked here, and all by hand!